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The following articles are the work of myself, Gordon Simmonds, and I alone am responsible for them. No doubt the web site could be improved by someone with greater expertise than mine. However, I hope it will be found to be easily navigable. Comment should be sent to


Quotations from the Bible are normally from the J.N.Darby translation.</a.


The articles present what is taught in Scripture which is not necessarily what today would be regarded as politically correct or even a traditional or liberal view. Not all the popular or conservative evangelicals would probably agree with everything that is found on this web site. There is no pretension to have said the last word on any of the subjects and any additional information in accord with Scripture would be welcome as well as any sensible criticisms. However, criticisms that just stem from prejudices will not be welcome.


The site is not specifically an evangelical one. For those who are concerned for their souls salvation one would point them to:


Again, if anyone has a concern as to the creation versus evolution debate one would point them to:


Creation Science Movement


Again, for those interested in the History and Ministry of the Exclusive Brethren (so-called) from 1827-1959 the following website has much helpful information:


It must not be assumed that those responsible for the three sites referred to would endorse all that I have put on my own web site.


For various polemical pieces see my web site:


Putting what I have done on the web is like casting ones bread upon the waters (Ecclesiastes 11:1). May the Lord be pleased to bless it.

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